Metaverse: understand everything about the future of virtual reality


When a technological novelty appears, there are also many questions about its impacts, how it will affect the market, and how it can be used in the day to day of several industries.


It is no different with the metaverse. It is one of the most talked about subjects in recent months, especially after Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021. According to experts in technology and innovation, the metaverse will bring changes in our daily lives and even in our way of doing business.


And if you still don't know what the metaverse is, how it will work, what it takes to enter this new reality and its impacts for the future, don't worry. In this article, we will answer all your questions about these and other aspects of the metaverse. Let’s go!


What is the metaverse, anyway? 


Metaverse is the name given to the mixture between augmented reality and virtual environments. It is a kind of experience inside a virtual space, capable of influencing real life inside this same universe. 


Used in digital devices, the intention is that, in the near future, people on the internet will be able to interact as if they were inside the same environment, using their avatars to talk, work, have a social life, and also shop inside the metaverse. 



It is important to note that the term metaverse is not new. The term was created in the science fiction book "Snow Crash", written by Neal Stephenson. In it, the author tells a story that synchronizes reality and fiction through a game, in which a pizza delivery man in real life is a samurai in the virtual universe called the metaverse. This science fiction work was the inspiration for the creation of games like Second Life, Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft, in which the player creates parallel lives within the virtual environment. 


Speaking of Facebook's name change to Meta last year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company had invested $50 million in this new collective virtual environment space. According to him, testing between digital universes should gain momentum over the next two years, looking to develop applications of the metaverse between the years 2031 and 2036. 


How could the metaverse be used in advertising? 


The metaverse could affect our lives in many different fields. Medicine, for example, will gain the possibility of using new technologies to perform surgeries at a distance. 



It will also be possible to attend courses without the need to be physically present for the complete learning, attending only a totally virtual common environment. Another example is the possibility of choosing clothes that evaluate body situations such as temperature and perspiration level, all within a revolutionary virtual environment. 


And advertising will also be impacted by the metaverse. With the possibility of creating more interaction between the physical and digital worlds, new marketing opportunities will be created. Although there is still no formula on how to take advantage of the best of the metaverse for the creative industry, we know that the personalization of ads according to the content of sites visited by the user will gain even more strength. 



With this possibility of immersion in a virtual environment, the perfect scenario is created for the detailed exposure of products and services according to the needs of each user. The creative sector has a great challenge ahead, proportional to the new paths that the metaverse makes possible.


And how is it possible to access the metaverse? 


Among the most common ways to access the metaverse to have an immersive experience, the most common is the use of virtual reality goggles and gauntlets. 


There are different options on the market, ranging from Google Cardboard, which costs around $10, to Oculus Quest 2, which can cost as much as $300. After choosing the way to access the metaverse, it is necessary to choose the virtual universe that will be accessed. Some of the better known platforms are: Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Horizon, Mesh, Sandbox, Fortnite, and Roblox. 


These are experiences related to games, virtual workspaces, and even live entertainment for the user to have fun and delve into all the possibilities that the metaverse already offers. 


What is the relationship between the metaverse and NFTs?


If you are wondering what the metaverse has to do with the much talked about NFTs, you are in the right place to understand how the two concepts connect. 


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. The term "fungible" indicates something that is mixed with other things. Thus, the "non-fungible" item has this name because it is not possible to exchange it, because it has a unique value. 



And if in the metaverse cryptocurrencies are used for buying and selling, NFTs can be part of this environment to acquire land or even shares in virtual reality companies. Meta, Microsoft, Roblox, and Epic Games are some examples of companies that are betting on the virtual environment and see the metaverse as the future of technology worldwide. 


The future of the metaverse 


More and more companies are investing in the expansion of the metaverse. With this, it is possible to say that this technology is already a reality in our lives, even though there are many doubts about it. 


It is no wonder that within the metaverse there are already large plots of land available for sale within the virtual environment. In the future, those who buy into the idea of the metaverse will have a lot to gain from the rising value of a space that still has a lot to grow. 


Even though there may be some mistrust about what the metaverse will be in the next few years, it is already possible to notice that large corporations see in this virtual environment a future that cannot be ignored. 



And if we have already said that the metaverse will bring impacts to performance sectors such as advertising, it is good to be prepared and deepen your knowledge on this theme in order not to be left behind. 


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