O que é endomarketing? Como usar essa estratégia

o que é endomarketing


Colaboradores satisfeitos e o consequente aumento da produtividade nas empresas é um assunto cada vez mais alta e um dos motivos do porquê você precisa saber o que é endomarketing.

The endomarketing é uma forma eficaz de atuação que une Strategic Marketing Planning for 2022 marketing strategies with the development and training of people in order to improve the quality of service or product, reduce turnover, retain and attract qualified professionals to the organization.

A estratégia de endomarketing é tão importante para o company's success that studies show that satisfied employees can improve their efficiency by 30% and the quality of services provided by 20%.

Diante disso, e sabendo que o marketing deve começar de dentro para fora, preparamos este artigo para você saber o que é endomarketing, seus benefícios, quais ações podem ser adotadas para colocá-lo em prática e muito mais. Acompanhe!

What is endomarketing?


Also known as internal marketing, endomarketing is an institutional marketing strategy aimed at a company's employees.

With the actions adopted by endomarketing, it’s possible to improve the company's image and make the work environment lighter and more productive, and thus generate a feeling of trust and motivation among employees, a fundamental factor to achieve the desired results.

The importance of investing in this strategy lies in the fact that, because they are in constant contact with all the company's processes, the collaborators end up becoming "influencers" of the brand for other people.


How does endomarketing work inside the companies?


Different from traditional marketing, which is a methodology aimed at the external public, endomarketing can be a great challenge for companies, since the techniques used must be different from the first one.

For endomarketing to be efficient, it is essential that the Marketing and Human Resources sectors are aligned in the search for strategies to create an effective internal communication and a work environment with more engaged employees.


Benefits of endomarketing


Endomarketing has numerous benefits, however, we highlight the ones we consider to be the main ones:

More engaged employees

This strategy encourages employees, as it makes them feel part of a company that really cares about the well-being and quality of work of each employee.

When the professional feels welcome, he or she naturally becomes more engaged and committed to the organization's goals.


Greater productivity

The more motivated and satisfied employees are with the company, the more they will strive to deliver their best work. Another positive factor is the tendency to take more proactive attitudes to innovate and promote improvements within the work environment.


Reduction of turnover

When the endomarketing actions win over the employees, they become more engaged and productive.

The consequence of this is the natural decrease in the turnover rate, after all, if the company offers a pleasant environment and is concerned with the professional's well-being, he or she will hardly ever leave the organization.


Improvement in the organizational climate

All the benefits already mentioned contribute directly to the improvement of the organizational climate, allowing the flow of processes and daily tasks to improve considerably, with a positive impact on the company's results.


Quality of life at work

It is a fact that some activities can be stressful and affect the professional's well-being. However, when the company carries out practical actions for the health of its employees, the environment becomes lighter and more pleasant for the whole team.


The 15 best endomarketing strategies to implement in the corporate environment


Now that you understand what endomarketing is, how it works and what its main benefits are, it is time to put this methodology into practice.

Check below 15 ideas for actions that can increase employee satisfaction and benefit your business.


  1.     More assertive internal communication

The main factor for improving the work environment is internal communication. It is through it that the endomarketing actions are implemented with the employees.

It’s essential that the company improves communication processes and transforms the internal dialogue into an exchange of ideas with employees, allowing them to express their opinions and suggest improvements, so that they feel fundamental and useful to the performance of the business.


  1.     Hold events and motivational talks

Events and motivational talks are fundamental to increase the motivation of collaborators and encourage the professional and personal growth of each one.

Professional and personal training has increasingly aroused the interest of professionals, so companies need to meet this demand and offer support for employees to achieve their goals.


  1.     Collaborator integration

The integration among the teams and between them and the company is essential to ensure that each employee identifies with the company, feels closer to it, and is a fundamental part of the processes.

Therefore, it is necessary that the organization invests in happy hours, winter holiday parties, study groups, sports teams, or other initiatives in order to increase proximity and the relationship between employees.


  1.     Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys can also be applied within the work environment. After all, just like the clients, employees can also express their satisfaction, or not, with the company, suggest solutions, and, most importantly, make the company aware of their real needs.

The satisfaction survey also allows to implement improvements in the corporate environment and positively impact the lives of all professionals who provide services to the company.



  1.     More benefits for employees

Besides traditional benefits such as transport vouchers, food vouchers, and medical assistance, the company can offer other advantages to its collaborators, such as discounts at gyms, universities, and pharmacies, among others.

Other advantages that can be offered are home office and flexible working hours. Including, these options make the professional feel that the company trusts their competence and integrity to perform their tasks in the best possible way, without necessarily having to work long hours or be present at the office.

The benefits are fundamental in motivating the team to increase their productivity and contribute more and more to the company's results.


  1.     Ask for employees' referrals

As every manager knows, hiring a qualified professional who is also competent, reliable, and aligned with the company's culture takes time and a lot of effort.

That's why, every time a new position opens in the company, before preparing a whole recruitment and selection process, ask for references from the collaborators, who, many times, may know someone who fits the profile sought for the position.

Another point to be taken into account is that when the company asks for references from its employees, they feel happier with the trust placed in them.


  1.     Offer a career plan

Organizations that offer a career plan to their collaborators usually convey an image of appreciation and, consequently, arouse the interest of professionals to work for them.

In the case of employees who already work within the company, they feel more motivated with the possibility of growth and professional and personal fulfillment.

Therefore, before opening an external vacancy, offer the position to the most capable and dedicated employees, either by promoting them directly or by holding a test among the professionals able to take on the new function.


  1.     Acknowledgement and praise

The recognition of employees is as important as financial incentives. Therefore, it is important that the company creates the habit of praising and thanking its employees for the services rendered and, especially, every time goals are met.


  1.     Training and capacity building

The strategy of training and capacity building helps improve internal practices and increase employee satisfaction since the company demonstrates its concern for the professional development of the entire team.

It is interesting that the company implements an annual or biannual training program to train leaders and for employees to become increasingly engaged with the business and commit to the results.


  1. Demonstrate good examples

Another strategy that helps to further improve the corporate environment is to demonstrate to all teams the results achieved by one or more employees who have exceeded expectations.

Other good examples that can be disseminated to encourage employees:

  •   - Above average results;
  •   - Innovative ideas and practices;
  •   Personal initiative;
  •   Creative solutions.


  1. Institutional Videos

One of the forms of media that attract most attention nowadays are the videos. Therefore, use this means of communication in favor of the company by making a professional presentation of the business, using internal images, such as employees at work, for example.

The institutional video is an excellent tool to demonstrate the importance of the company to the community, as well as to divulge the social and environmental responsibilities it has as a cause and the technologies used to make internal and external processes more reliable, among other factors that you consider most important.


  1. Practice public relations

One of the most important tools for a good endomarketing strategy is public relations. It is important that the company is always in contact not only with customers and suppliers, but also with the community, press and government in order to know the main complaints and suggestions to contribute to the development of the local economy.

To accomplish this task, it is necessary to choose the communication channels to capture the necessary information and thus improve the company's image before employees and society.


  1. Offer access to education

Offer vocational courses and lectures to the local community. Besides offering a way for people to get a job or create a source of income, the company will also have the opportunity to qualify a professional who, in the future, may be an employee.


  1. Participate in workshops and fairs

Participation in industry workshops and fairs are fundamental for companies that are in the process of building a strong and valuable image in the market.

So, take advantage of these opportunities to set up a booth and present your services or products, the company's values and mission, for example.

It is also interesting to choose a professional from the company to give a lecture on a theme that is relevant to the sector. This type of action usually arouses a high level of respect among the professionals and consumers of the brand.


  1. Organize exclusive events

A good idea is to organize, on a yearly basis, an exclusive event for the best customers with the purpose of integrating them with the company's professionals.  

This is also an excellent opportunity for the company to do endomarketing and demonstrate its values, passing on the image of professionalism and social responsibility.

Another tip is to reward the best employees and clients of the year during the event. It is also interesting to promote short courses and lectures for professional training of both customers and employees.


How to implement an endomarketing plan in your company

The first step before implementing this strategy is to remember that endomarketing works with the company's internal public, that is, its employees and their perception of the work environment.

We have separated some tips to facilitate the elaboration of an endomarketing plan for your company:


Meet the expectations of your collaborators

Trust is a fundamental part for endomarketing, since this methodology is based on the relationship between a company and its employees.

As in any relationship, trust is the main element to guarantee success. Therefore, the company should never promise something that it cannot deliver.

Be clear in everything that involves rewards and bonuses, for example. Do not create great expectations if the rewards do not live up to what is advertised.


Know your employees

Another point that needs to be considered even before the elaboration of the endomarketing plan is to know exactly who the company's employees are.

Make a survey of the exact number of professionals who work in the organization. Try to know the professional characteristics of each one, as well as the individual attributes that can help you better understand your target audience and make the analysis more complete.


Analyze the organizational culture

The organizational culture is the set of values, beliefs, positioning, goals, and rules of conduct adopted by a company.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that employees are involved in these concepts and that endomarketing strategies are aimed at encouraging respect for this culture.

Evaluating the perception of the collaborators in relation to the organizational culture allows the company to identify which points need to be improved to make the corporate environment more pleasant.

The evaluation of the company's culture also helps to analyze and understand how the corporate dynamics are and what can be improved, such as the relationship between professionals and collaboration between teams, for example.

It is worth noting that internal marketing also serves to keep employees integrated into the organizational culture, including contributing to their identification with the company's purposes.


Know what the employees expect from the organization

Since the endomarketing strategies are aimed at the internal public, it is natural to allow the employees themselves to say what motivates them and keeps them engaged in the business. Ask. Listen. Talk. Know how to interpret what is said between the lines.

With a simple exchange of ideas, you may discover that the motivations of the team are quite simple to be addressed and thus achieve success in your internal marketing.


Define goals and objectives

Knowing what is the goal of the endomarketing plan is another key to success in implementing this methodology in your company.

After the first evaluations, you will certainly have an idea of the main problems that need to be solved in order to improve the engagement of your employees.

It is important to say that the goals must be defined together with the objectives, because both must be planned and measured in order to verify if the planned actions have obtained the expected success.


Put it into practice

After gathering and analyzing all the necessary information, it is time to put the endomarketing strategic planning into practice.

In this step, you must choose which communication channels will be used, the best way to communicate with employees and how each stage of the endomarketing action will be carried out.

This is also the time to evaluate and test what works best for the company and its employees.


Measure the results

As with any strategy, the results of the endomarketing actions must also be measured. Only then will it be possible for the company to know if it is making the right choices and ensuring the satisfaction of its employees.

The measurement also gives the opportunity to change what is going wrong and avoid any damage. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to performance indicators in the organizational routine.

The main factors that must be measured are related to the level of satisfaction measured by climate surveys, the

absenteeism rate, the level of productivity and return on investment (ROI).


4 endomarketing success cases for you to get inspired



Known worldwide, this streaming platform is a reference when it comes to Endomarketing. In its internal environment, the company develops a culture where employees are encouraged to have autonomy to make decisions for the good of the brand.

Netflix's offices are fully customized, with references to their productions, photos and thematic furniture, making their employees live what they work for. 


Magazine Luiza

A sales success throughout Brazil, Magazine Luiza has adopted an attitude that is highly valued in the corporate world: the decentralization of power.

The company offers several participative programs, incentives, and training for all of its employees.

This is how Magazine Luiza has managed to become a reference model for many other companies, regardless of their line of business.



Natura's marketing area used several channels to reinforce the communication with its collaborators, using tools such as e-mail, intranet and a specific application for the company's employees.

Daily newsletters were produced and distributed through these channels, with news, curated external content, and testimonials from employees about their experiences within the organization.

Recently, Natura conducted an internal survey about remote work with the aim of identifying the main problems in the home office routine. The company even provided all professionals who work in this remote format with a corporate laptop.



Toyota is one of the most valued companies in the market for working with a focus on employee integration and creativity, investing a lot of time to understand the needs of its employees, and being always open to suggestions of ideas and improvements.

Every employee goes through five months of training, in which they learn the values and positioning that Toyota has worked on since its creation.

Thus, Toyota offers all the necessary knowledge for the professional to gain autonomy to propose innovations, besides feeling more valued and satisfied.


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