Studio: Discover this project management tool

Studio: Discover this project management tool


If you are looking for a project management tool to implement in your business, then this article is for you! In it, we'll introduce you to Studio, a tool we use here at Able Digital and it has greatly increased our productivity. Check it out below!


Studio Resources and Techniques to Boost Your Business Productivity


Delivering projects with quality and within the agreed time frame, usually quite tight, is one of the biggest problems for most companies. How can you meet this type of demand in a productive way and make it a routine at work?


This was one of the big questions here at the agency and, after a lot of research, we found Rock Content Studio, a platform full of resources and techniques to increase productivity


Studio, like other software and platforms, was developed to follow the stages of projects, being possible to update the status of each activity automatically, attach reports, collect data and calculate indicators, all in one place.


How Studio works in practice


Studio allows the management of the company's activities and, therefore the entire team is integrated and aware of the ongoing projects, late and completed ones. It is also possible to record the time invested in each task and other possible costs.


Below, we specify the main features.




The timesheet allows employees to record the time each task took to complete.




A Kanban is very important in a project management tool as it is a methodology to monitor the execution flow of each process within a company.


The functionality consists of a table that presents each of the stages of a project, as well as the collaborators responsible for the task and the expected results.


As the status of an activity changes, there is a change in positioning within the Kanban, which allows a clearer view of all processes within the organization.




The Gantt chart tracks the progress of all stages of the project. You can create a timeline to indicate the project's start date and deadline. Each step is entered in a bar on the chart with the start and finish dates for the task.


Integration with finance

Integration with the financial sector is another feature that should be taken into account when choosing a project management tool because it is essential, when planning a project, to know what resources will be used and the budget required for achieve the expected results.


Workflow in the project management tool


Every project requires a lot of tasks that are performed together or individually. The flow of these operational tasks throughout the automation process is called a workflow.


Studio has an absolutely automated workflow, in which it is possible to monitor the entire flow of tasks to be developed and those responsible for them.


Job registration


Finally, another Studio functionality is the registration of jobs that occur during a project. In practice, the tool has a job model in which it is possible to include all the information necessary to carry out the task.


In short, Studio is a fully integrated project management tool with an efficient dashboard in which you can follow all the company's projects.


The software also provides Business Intelligence reports, which help in decision making, in addition to contributing to the health of the business in the short and long term.


To learn more about Studio, click here.