Design estratégico: saiba como aplicar em seu negócio

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The time when we thought of design as only an aesthetic resource is gone.

All the changes already brought by digital transformation were enough to show us that the user experience with the brand during the buyer's journey makes all the difference.

This is where strategic design comes in.

This term refers to the effort employed in the creation of a product, service, or brand focused on the experience that the user will have during their interaction with the business.

Everything is thought out based on the client's needs, wishes, and desires, always leading them as intuitively as possible to the complete solution they are looking for.

No instruction manual.

Just understanding the concept of strategic design gives you an idea of the benefits it brings to your company and, mainly, to your clients, right?

So, in this post we will detail its advantages and teach you how to apply it in your business.

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What are the benefits of Strategic Design?

What are the benefits of Strategic Design?

More than just choosing the colors, shapes, and typography that will form the brand's visual identity, design must be part of strategic marketing planning, since it is directly linked to the benefits we will see in the following topics.

Brand differentiation

The customer's positive experience with a company is part of what makes its brand differentiated in the market.

This can be seen in items ranging from the practicality of product packaging, functionality in visuals and accuracy of signage in physical establishments, to the ease of navigation on the company's website.

This differentiation is in the details, thought through strategic design to offer the best interaction between client and brand.

Team integration

Team integration

It has already become clear that strategic design has an objective that should be common to all teams in a company: the best customer experience. As a result, they will work much more closely together and integrated in the quest to achieve this, since the role of each team becomes much more understandable.

Customer Proximity

In the age of digital marketing it is much easier to understand what the customer thinks and wants, for example through market research that can be applied in both digital and physical environments.

This type of initiative allows a closer contact with the customer, making it clear that the company cares about what they think, wish, and feel.

In result, they will feel much more valued, increasing, incalculably, the potential for customer loyalty.

Constant innovation

Constant innovation

Another advantage of strategic design is the eternal search for ways to surprise the customer through unique experiences that have never been offered by any other company.

This is innovation.

Management optimization

As already mentioned, the mission of strategic design is to ensure that every detail of the customer experience is well thought out and planned.

The natural consequence of this is greater clarity in the processes involved in this client interaction with the brand, product or service, which makes management much easier.

How to apply strategic design in a business?

You've already understood the importance of strategic design and the advantages it brings, now you must be wondering how to apply it.

That's what we will talk about in the next topics. Read on and find out each step!

Study your persona

Study your persona

As in any process related to marketing or design thinking, the first step is to know exactly who we are dealing with.

For this reason, it is very important that a detailed study of the persona is done, which includes their habits, customs, daily problems, and even desires and dreams.

From this study it will be possible to understand what problem your product or service will have to solve.

Test and prototype

One of the key features of product marketing is testing and prototyping. Once you have designed a solution to the persona's problem, you need to understand how the persona will interact with the product or service, and thus correct possible flaws and implement the improvements discovered in this step.

Seek qualitative feedback

Even after the testing and prototyping stage it is essential to continue collecting feedback from users and customers of the brand.

It is through them that it becomes possible to create more and more improvements in the solution offered.

Align the team's mindset

Remember we talked about more integrated teams? This is where the magic happens.

For this integration to happen, it is necessary that all teams have common goals and stay aligned with them.

Prioritize the customer experience

Prioritize the customer experience

You know the goal we just talked about? It is the customer's experience.

This is what should be prioritized by all the teams involved.

Resources such as UX and UI must be used on a large scale, always based on the data collected in the qualitative research we mentioned.

All the efforts of the teams involved in the relationship with the customer, such as marketing, sales, and product, must be aligned in order to offer a unique experience to the customer, from the first contact with the brand until the end of the product or service lifecycle and its possible repurchase or rehiring.

Taking into account and even prioritizing strategic design, both the acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of old ones will be guaranteed.

The consequence of this, of course, is the constant growth of the company and its profitability.

Throughout this post you could grasp the importance of strategic design for the growth of a business, since it is essential to ensure the best customer experience, both in terms of their interaction with the brand and the purchase journey, and in terms of the use of the product or service.

Now that you know what strategic design is and what benefits it provides for your company, contact us now and understand how we can help your company grow!