Buyer's journey: learn about the impacts of this strategy!

Buyer's journey: learn about the impacts of this strategy!
Knowing every detail of your customers' purchase journey is important to avoid possible approach errors. So, if you have all the points aligned, it will be possible to understand the right moment to transform an opportunity into a long-awaited chance of conversion.
But what exactly is a buyer's journey? These are steps taken by a potential customer before purchasing a product or service. Therefore, when an entrepreneur understands their consumption habits, it becomes much easier to discover the right moment of purchase.
Curious to know more about this subject? Want to find out which stage of the journey your customer is in? Do you want to know the impacts of this strategy? Just enjoy reading this post!

Importance of the buyer's journey

When an entrepreneur knows their customer's purchase journey, it is a sign that they have already discovered the importance of the process for their business. Therefore, they start to better analyze the behavior and user experience during each step.
Do you want to know other points that show the importance of this process? Check them out!
– if during the stages of the buyer's journey you deliver value and appropriate responses, your customer will be encouraged to make a decision;
– if the customer is involved with the brand, the decision will be to buy from your company;
– if the entrepreneur knows the customer's purchase journey, he provides specific guidelines that generate trust and chances of conversion.

Stages of the Buyer's Journey

The idea here is for the customer to go through each stage of the buying journey noting that, individually, these stages have specific goals and approaches to solve consumer doubts at each point.
But what are the other goals of the buyer's journey? It's simple. It prepares and guides the client to the next steps, leaving them delighted with the approaches and personalized communication.
Now, how about getting to know each of the stages of the buying journey. It's worth understanding to apply it to your business. Follow us!
Buyer's journey: learn about the impacts of this strategy!

1. Learning and Discovery

This is the initial phase of the buyer's journey. Here, the customer still doesn't know they have a problem. Therefore, it is important that the entrepreneur arouses their interest. It is worth mentioning that this stage is the discovery stage, so an efficient strategy is the production of informative content that solves your main doubts.
How does this work in practice? Imagine that a potential client wants to organize his client portfolio, but does not know how to proceed. On the other hand, you have a technology company and you want to grow your clientele.
Therefore, it is an opportunity for you to share content in the form of tips and additionally make your venture known in the market.

2. Problem recognition

Let's go to the second stage! Here, your potential customer has already begun to understand that they have a problem and need a solution.
So it's up to you as a good business owner to create a sense of urgency to make your persona even more interested in the subject and suddenly, they can take action.
Therefore, it is interesting to talk about the features of your product or service through more specific content.
It is worth mentioning that videos and whitepapers are good strategies. To have access to these materials, just request the user's registration as the name and e-mail.
Buying journey of your customers

3. Consideration of the solution

When the customer is in the third stage of the purchase journey, he is looking for the best solution to solve his problem.
Therefore, it is at this stage that he begins his research to find the ideal supplier.
But what is the consequence of this step?
Now, as your brand was present in the previous stages of the journey, you created a relationship. Therefore, your potential customer is more likely to buy your product or service.
So what should you do?
– present the characteristics of your product or service, as well as its benefits to reinforce the authority of the brand;
– focus on content that shows the potential of your product or service as the best among competitors;
– send email marketing or WhatsApp messages (if your're in Brazil) to approach your potential customer.

4. Purchase decision

The last stage of the buyer's journey is where the customer makes the decision to buy the product or service. From now on, your role is to provide guidance, compare your proposal with the competitor's and offer the best value.
But, what should you do? Offering personalized discounts and even free trials to your potential customer are perfect strategies for them to prove the benefits of your product or service.
Buying decision 

Buyer journey impacts

Imagine the amount of information generated about the customer during a purchase journey! This directly impacts the sales of any company. By having a more targeted work, focused on those who really matter, your business creates more lasting relationships.
For all these reasons, it is worth knowing the impacts of this strategy on the sales sector. Do you agree? Just check every detail!

1. Identifies the best moment of the sale

The shopping journey analyzes consumer behavior and defines the ideal moment of sale.
After all, it is much easier to sell to a person who is at the point of decision. Thus, waste of work and time is avoided.

2. Generates a closer relationship

Do you know how to generate relationship with the consumer?
It is necessary to know who he is, his desires, interests, needs and consumption habits.
With this well-aligned information, you can win new customers and even retain those who already consume your brand.

3. Create a channel for more consultative sales

In consultative sales we have more personalized contacts. It is worth mentioning that this model is strategic, as it favors the performance of the salesperson, that is, on the one hand, people will be looking for information and, on the other, the company will present content and the best solutions.

4. Manages optimally

Having an efficient purchase journey favors a more optimized management.
In this sense, it is possible to identify bottlenecks, have agility in the processes, as well as propose solutions capable of leveraging sales.
Strategic Marketing Planning

5. Increases productivity and profitability

When the entrepreneur knows his potential customer, he knows his consumption habits, as well as the ideal moment of purchase. So he understands who he's going to sell more, allowing better profitability and good results.
The purchase journey is a smart action to leverage a company's sales. Therefore, the secret is to map the potential customer at each stage to help them with the best content strategies and solutions for their needs.
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