Learn how to use the sales funnel to generate more business

sales funnel

The sales funnel is one of the most widespread marketing tools on the market.


Much is said about its concept, its applications and advantages.


However, it is not possible to explore this methodology without understanding the customers' point of view and their needs.


For this reason, we decided to prepare this content based on our experience to bring a little practical experience and, with that, enrich your knowledge.


In this article you will get to know what the sales funnel is, find out how each step works and you will know which mistakes to avoid.


Keep reading to understand more about it and find out about all the details!


Sales Funnel: What is it and how does it work?


In a simplified way, the sales funnel is the graphical representation of the customer's purchase journey from the first contact with the brand to the moment of sale.


You may have noticed that a funnel is wide at the top, but that it gets narrower.


The relationship with customers also follows this flow, the objective is to attract as many interested parties as possible and filter which ones are compatible with the company and may, in the future, become customers.


There are three stages in the funnel that you cannot miss and develop specific content for each stage.

sales funnel 



It is the top of the funnel, that is, the widest and most accessible part. At this point, companies are focused on attracting those interested in consuming the content.


The idea is that the more the better, as the goal of the strategy is to demonstrate that the customer may be facing a problem.


When we talk about a problem, it may be that the persona is already aware or is aware of it from the provocation made by the content.


At this stage, it is recommended to create a sense of identification and interest in knowing more about the products and services offered.


However, we have not yet reached the moment of closing a sale, as we have not gone through the other steps. The focus should keep the audience interested in your content.


Often, the tactic used to achieve this result is called a CTA or Call to Action.


This is a command that is used in text, in hyperlinks, in posts in social networks and even in videos to encourage continued interaction with the company.


In addition, it makes the potential customer consume differentiated content and continue generating traffic to the website or blog.


sales funnel



Well, the potential customer is already aware of what their pains are, but they are still not convinced that your company has the best solution for them.


Therefore, we say that we are in the consideration stage.


This is the middle of the funnel. If in attraction your marketing efforts attracted 100 interested parties, we can say that only 60 made it to this stage.


From this point on, it is interesting to start collecting information through forms that offer some kind of benefit, such as downloading rich materials.


These forms are used to collect e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other data that help to know more about the profile of those who contact the company.


This is a routine that makes it possible to qualify leads and identify who can actually become a customer.




Finally, we reach the bottom of the funnel. Again, we did one more filter where even fewer interested parties reached this point.


Here the focus is on continuously working to encourage the potential customer to make the purchase decision. What defines lead conversion is the consistency of your efforts and dedication to keeping this cycle going.


At this stage, it's time for the sales team to take action. The goal is to make the interested person close a deal.


For this, we can send a proposal, offer a sample or schedule an appointment to present the products.


What mistakes should be avoided?


The sales funnel is not a rigid and immutable instrument. On the contrary, there is ample flexibility to make changes as the need arises.


The objective is to evolve and if the customer's profile changes, and when that happens, the company can review the models used.


In addition, there is an incentive to learn from your mistakes and better understand the particularities of the business.


So, check out some of the main mistakes that should be avoided when building the sales funnel.

sales funnel

Failing to plan the purpose of the content


Regardless of which type of content the company develops, it is essential to be clear about what the objectives are.


When we talk about a corporate blog or page on social networks, there needs to be a purpose that goes beyond simple entertainment.


Posts should be seen as a sales tool to educate the persona, introduce products and services, and serve as a communication channel.


For this reason, it is necessary to extract the maximum gains so that the investment in digital marketing start giving feedback.


Not identifying the persona in detail


Building your persona should contain in-depth information about your audience. To create a realistic portrait, you need to go beyond demographic information.


Consider, for example, the motivations and interests of the person seeking your company.


Une partie essentielle de ce processus consiste à déterminer les problèmes potentiels des clients que votre entreprise peut aider à résoudre.


Thus, it is possible to direct marketing efforts to each of the stages of the purchase journey.


There are even companies that further segment their sales strategies, as they use 2 or 3 different personas according to the products or services available.


This practice is also a gain, after all, it helps to speed up conversions.


Stop following up on leads


This is a common mistake that creates obstacles on two different fronts.


First, there is a financial loss, as the company has invested resources and time to collect this information.


In addition, when the company does not focus on developing leads, new business opportunities are not taken advantage of.


We understand that the conversion process requires time and dedication to start seeing results, so we shouldn't let this practice go.


Finally, the sales funnel is an instrument that helps to get to know the consumer public and from that contact start to form a relationship.


For this reason, this strategy is so valued by companies that want to conquer new growth opportunities.


If you want to achieve the results that we have listed throughout this article, you need to rely on specialized partners.


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