Product Marketing: What You Need to Know About Strategies

Product Marketing: What You Need to Know About Strategies

If your company intends to offer something new or even introduce an item in a niche that it has not yet explored, a complete advertising strategy will make all the difference to the success of the launch.
In this mission, you can count on product marketing, whose purpose is to connect people to something new in the market.
Below, check out what you need to know to build your strategic marketing planning of product.
Product Marketing

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is a strategy aimed at discovering, attracting and converting ideal consumers for a given item.
It starts long before the launch, when the marketing team plans actions to define the positioning, speech, differentials, dissemination and distribution channels, among other details of the product.
This planning does not end after a meeting, as it may be necessary to review strategic decisions.
All this to ensure the launch and promotion of the product in the right places, in the right way and for the ideal audience.
Furthermore, when the campaign is on the air, it is essential to monitor the impacts and leverage demand.
Product Marketing

How can strategy be fruitful?

The main benefits of product marketing are:
– provide competitive prominence to the brand in the market;
– segment and customize actions according to consumer needs;
– extend the growth and maturity stages of the product lifecycle;
– facilitate pricing, distribution and design work;
– promote integration between the product, marketing and sales teams.

What are the stages of product marketing?

Follow the step by step to assemble a good product marketing strategy.
Understand the market
Gathering data through marketing research will help you understand the opportunities and threats in the market in which your company operates.
After all, product acceptance can be influenced by economic, social, political factors, among others.
Define the persona
It is essential to know what the interests, habits, hobbies, needs and other details about your ideal consumer are.
That way, it will be easier to develop an accurate message for them to understand the value of the solution you have to offer.
Establish positioning and message
Positioning the product consists of clarifying what it provides, who it is recommended for and how it stands out in relation to what competitors offer.
The message, on the other hand, will be responsible for stimulating the purchase decision and establishing the brand in the mind of the persona.
Study the competition
This study started at the first stage, but it's time to delve into benchmarking to find out what's best in your industry.
From there, seek to outperform the competition betting on your product's unique values.
Create a launch plan
The launch plan has an advertising character and involves establishing the content, the media that will be used, the period for publicizing the campaign, the action schedule, the deadlines for each task and their respective people in charge, etc.
Develop content for launch
Here, the proposal is to create content to correctly convey the message about your product.
Posts for the company blog and for social media, e-books, hotsites, manuals, paid ads, demo videos and email marketing pieces are great formats.
Product Marketing

Prepare the team

The engagement and commitment of employees with the dissemination of the product is essential.
It is also important to train the sales and service teams so that they deeply know the news and support the customer.
Set the budget
The funds will be allocated to actions, channels and content produced for the launch of the product.
Its definition must take into account the public that the company wants to reach and the intended effects of the campaign, stipulated in the planning.
Product Marketing

Launch the product

At the launch, the company must keep an eye on the behavior of the public and on its own actions.
It is expected that the moment will be of great repercussion, so it is necessary to be tactful to identify opportunities and ensure more visibility to the product.

Track the results

A good product launch generates an intense buzz that needs to be monitored closely.
The idea is to monitor the results, capture customer feedback, as well as verify market changes and adaptation needs.
Now you know what product marketing is, what its benefits are, and how to put together a good strategy.
We emphasize that the work does not end after launch.
The market and consumer behavior are constantly changing. So monitor the results to see if you need to adjust your actions to ensure your success.
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