Motion Design do you know what it is and how to apply it?

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The area of ​​communication is quite broad and covers many types of service.


One of them is motion design, a technique that emerged in the 19th century, created by Parisian George Méliès (famous for his work as an illusionist and filmmaker).


Motion design is a trend and is widely used to try to explain ideas in a more visual and quick and practical way.


You have probably seen some content of this type on social networks, as brands have invested heavily in this technique due to its great ability to engage the public.


So, come and understand what motion design is and how audiovisual is a good choice for your communication strategy!


How does motion design work?


Motion design is a technique that uses the movement of shapes, icons and texts.


Dessa maneira, é considerada um dos princípios da animação e, por sua vez, também foi a precursora do vídeo e do cinema.


Over time, the effects became popular and became popular with the seventh art, clips, advertisements, among others.


Therefore, the objective is to have a great visual impact, which mixes graphic design and audiovisual aspects.


The person responsible for creating these pieces is the motion designer, who is usually a professional with a background in graphic design.


In this way, the professional must have artistic skills and a lot of creativity to concretize and transform projects into graphic elements that come to life on screens.


Normally, the work starts with sketches on paper or on the computer, moves on to 2D drawings, creates the storyboard in detail and only then does the work begin to take shape.


In this sense, the motion designer also needs to understand storytelling, narrative techniques and other concepts.


Why and how to invest in motion design?


The advent of social networks it was a big boost to the growth in motion design demand.


As social media have the consumption of fast content as a common feature, the technique is a great ally in this process.


What's more, motion design is more fun and engaging, helping to give clearer explanations through animations.


The increase in the consumption of video content is also one of the reasons that encourage investment in design.


Compared to producing other types of video content, this is a more affordable alternative.


Therefore, it is an excellent strategy to create campaigns even with a reduced budget.


What is the difference between motion design and motion graphics?


In fact, there is no difference!


As much as the nomenclature is not the same, we are talking about one thing only: motion graphic design — or animated graphic design, in good Portuguese.


Therefore, the concept is the same, what changes is only the name.


Moving graphics is essential to tell narratives in an innovative way that captures the audience's attention.


However, you need qualified professionals for this mission, and Able Digital can help with that.


So, take the opportunity to enter contact us with us and understand more about how design can leverage your marketing strategy!