5 strategies to sustain your digital marketing strategy starting today

5 digital marketing strategies | Able Digital


The digital marketing strategies your company develops make all the difference when it comes to improving public perception and winning over customers.


In fact, if the company does not yet have an online presence, it can be almost impossible to win new business.


The internet is a source of opportunities and gains that can be exploited through simple and accessible initiatives.


And to make you more familiar with the subject, check out 5 strategy tips that can be a differentiator for the company. Check them out!


1. Content Marketing


If you found our blog and liked our articles, you've already realized the value of this strategy.


Content creation is one of the most used tactics to attract traffic from potential customers and collect leads that can later be converted.


Content marketing consists of creating posts on the company website or blog of topics that attract the attention of visitors due to their relevance.


The choice of topics that will be addressed is essential for the experience of those who access the company's blog.


The objective is to build a relationship of trust in which the reader feels that they can look for answers and solutions with the company.


This is a fundamental process to build a reputation for credibility and become a reference in the topic or area of ​​expertise.


In addition to traditional posts, there are several formats that can be used to convey information.


In text format, the most common posts are articles, but it is possible to prepare rich materials such as whitepapers and infographics that serve to deepen the theme.


Informative videos, online classes and podcasts are examples of initiatives that explore other means of transmitting information and that enrich the user experience.


Another advantage of creating a blog is the possibility of collecting email addresses and creating a database that will be used to establish a communication channel and, in the future, be used to increase sales.


Create a persona to represent the audience


2. Create a persona to represent the audience


We started this post with content marketing because of its ease of deployment.


Creating a corporate blog is an affordable and quick process, so it makes sense that it should be our first recommendation.


However, to use this methodology and start making posts it is necessary to determine who is the target of the content.


This is the persona, that is, a fictitious person who represents the characteristics of the company's audience.


In addition to demographic aspects (age, gender and profession) we also consider behavioral elements such as:


- plans and goals
– personal interests
– purchase motivation
- pains and problems to be solved


There is also the buyer persona, which, on the other hand, represents the company's ideal customer.


To create this figure, it is necessary to consider the characteristics that are common to all consumers.


It can be said that the buyer persona is the result of an in-depth study of the details that are used to create the personification of the ideal customer.


Both the persona and the buyer persona can be used together to direct different marketing actions for each audience.


It is even common for companies to build more than one persona to help with customer segmentation.


E-mail Marketing


3. E-mail Marketing


Having access to potential customer contacts is key to increasing sales.


Therefore, your website or blog cannot fail to have a specific field so that the visitor can leave their email.


Generally, it is a space that invites you to subscribe to the newsletter or register to receive informative email.


When you already do this collection, you need to fulfill the promise and make this content available periodically and with information that adds value to the potential customer.


Campaigns that use email marketing range from informative to product and service presentations.


But watch out! You have to follow a flow for this strategy to work.


Email marketing is closely linked to the sales funnel, this is a concept that describes the steps the customer goes through until the purchase decision.


Understanding how each phase works and how to transition to the next is essential to your digital marketing strategy.


4. Paid Media


We understand the value of organic growth and building trust with potential customers.


However, your strategy wouldn't be complete without using advertising created for paid media.


This tactic consists of using ads on search engines, so your company or product appears at the top of search results.


Another way to use this feature is to pay to publish your ad on other websites through sponsored links or banners on content portals.


In addition to broadcasting this type of disclosure, platforms offer this service and provide tools for the analysis of indicators.


The idea is to make it possible to evaluate the results as well as to help draw up a plan to increase the volume of views and clicks.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Unlike the previous topic, this is an example of organic media. Anyone who specializes in this type of strategy knows that conquering the top positions on Google is the way to increase sales volume.


The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be translated as Search Engine Optimization.


The proposal is to implement actions that improve the ranking of the site in search pages.


While there are other search engines, the focus of digital marketing is Google and its algorithm.


In addition to optimizing traffic by increasing the number of visits, improving ranking is essential to increase sales, especially in the online environment.


Developing digital marketing strategies in the company takes time and dedication, but don't let that interfere with your focus.


If you need support to get started, why not turn to the services of a marketing agency?


Thus, you can count on the experience of specialists who understand the market and know what steps should be taken to help the business grow.


If you are interested and want to start creating your digital marketing plan today, read our post on the main trends for 2022.