Instagram digital marketing: 10 important and essential tips!

Instagram digital marketing: 10 important and essential tips!
Instagram Digital Marketing is nothing less than a set of strategic communication actions used by companies to promote and sell their products and services on the internet.
It is on Instagram that companies appropriate the strategy of creating content to approach and attract potential customers.
In addition, this social network offers the possibility of growth, thus strengthening your brand.
Curious to know more about this subject? Do you want to learn how to use this tool in favor of your company? Just continue reading this post.

Best tips for developing Instagram digital marketing

Small, medium and large companies already use Instagram as a virtual showcase for their products.
However, many brands, not knowing effective strategies, create amateur content and end up alienating their audience.
To develop a perfect Instagram digital marketing you need to focus on quality content that makes sense to your audience to impact and increase engagement.
In addition, it is worth analyzing the results and metrics to implement improvements.
What do you think about learning to develop Instagram digital marketing strategies? Just take note of the top 10 tips!

1. Use Instagram for Business

If you want to do Instagram digital marketing, it is worth using Instagram for Business, that is, an Instagram focused on businesses.
It comes with a set of tools that make it possible to create a business profile, insights into followers, and run ads to boost sales.
In other words, creating a business account on Instagram allows you to have access to the most varied features of the tool such as monitoring reach metrics, shares, impressions, number of visitors, clicks and others.

2. Develop a posting schedule

Having a posting frequency is important to keep your followers interested.
Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a posting calendar, as this instrument facilitates the planning and control of content.
For better organization, it is worth scheduling the posts to ensure a daily flow.
Another important tip is to take advantage of commemorative dates, as well as inserting various special content into the calendar to create attractive posts that generate a high level of interaction among followers.
Create relevant content

3. Create relevant content

Content creation is not just texts. Photos and videos are included and must be of good quality.
This is the secret for your company's Instagram to attract users and followers to your brand.
It is worth remembering that the posts should be useful for the persona, in addition to presenting solutions to their pain.
Here, the 80/20 rule applies. Do you know it already? In digital marketing, it's indicated that 80% of posts should be free content.
The 20% should focus on brand benefits. Therefore, avoid posting only sales of products or services.

4. Discover a style for your brand

Good digital marketing on Instagram personalizes your brand in communications. The tip is to create your own style that becomes a reference for your followers.
Therefore, this action strengthens the company's digital presence and can still differentiate it from other competitors.
For a better understanding, let's take Nubank's profile on Instagram as a reference.
There, the brand has its feed marked by purple because it is the color associated with the company. With this strategy, it was possible to consolidate their visual identity.
Promote your company profile

5. Promote the company profile

The idea here is to publicize the profile of your company. The purpose of this strategy is to attract people to your brand.
But, how to do this? Follow us:
– if your company has a website or blog, just include icons for sharing content;
– when creating a post, make a CTA inviting users to follow your profile on Instagram;
– if you create an email signature for the sales team, it's good to add a link to the company's Instagram profile.

6. Create a good relationship with your followers

Defining who your audience is, this is an important step for those who are developing the digital marketing Instagram account
The objective of this strategy is to know the behavior of your persona, maintain a good relationship, gain insights into the creation of content and, above all, ensure visibility for the brand.
Do you want to create a good relationship with your followers? Just apply the following tips:
– respond to user queries and comments;
– like the publications of your followers;
– follow people who have left comments on your posts;
– when you get positive feedback, share the post.


7. Bet on Reels

Reels has its functionality focused on the creation of short videos, that is, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.
If you want to bet on a Viral Marketing strategy, this can be a smart way out.
See what your resources can offer you:
– record and edit content;
– add effects and filters to make the videos even more attractive;
– generate more fun content, ensuring better engagement;
– creating interesting videos with the right hashtags allows your brand to impact a greater number of users.


8. Use hashtags sparingly

The famous hashtags represent a way to categorize content. It's like a keyword that directs people to your post.
Another important detail is that this strategy makes your content a reference in the market and even makes the public associate it with your company's image.
Another valuable tip is to create a hashtag with your business name. However, this expression must refer to organizational values ​​and culture.
Use hashtags sparingly

9. Use the features of Stories

Stories are important pieces of digital marketing strategy in Instagram, as it aims to improve interaction between users, identify the brand, impact and generate sales.
Learn how to use this feature:
– varied content in Stories (polls, question box, filters and funny stickers);
– show behind the scenes of the company;
– demonstrate products;
– tell stories to attract followers.


10. Doing ads on Instagram

The idea of ​​creating ads brings a series of advantages to the marketing of your business, as they generate brand recognition, engagement and scale sales.
In addition, the posts now have a greater reach and even reach the group interested in their products or services.
Instagram digital marketing strategies can turn your business profile into a real success.
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