Como criar identidade visual para sua empresa

visual identity

In an increasingly visual world, where your consumer audience is immersed in social networks such as Instagram, and consuming images and videos constantly, having a strong brand is essential.

For this, it is important to know how to create a visual identity.

In the following post, you will learn more about why you should worry about it and what advantages it can bring to your company.

Learn also what are the steps to create your identity. Enjoy your reading!

Why is visual identity so important?

The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been truer.

After all, people are increasingly immersed in images and videos, especially on social networks.

Instagram, for example, already has more than 1 billion users and the trend is increasing.

However, amid so many publications, it becomes difficult for a brand to stand out.

After all, in addition to direct and indirect competition, there is so much content and images that people are subjected to that lack of attention is a big issue.

In this case, a company that knows how to create a balanced and attractive visual identity can reach more space. This is because it offers several advantages, such as:
• Attracting the consumer's attention;
• establishing your identity online and offline;
• Allowing the person to remember symbology related to the company
Sustaining a digital marketing strategy;
• Differentiating yourself from your competitors
• Convey credibility;
• Demonstrating a standard to be recognized, which may reflect ideas and values about the brand;
• Instigate positive feelings in the public.


After all, how to create a visual identity?

Now that you have seen the importance of knowing how to create a visual identity, check out the step-by-step to get to the ideal result!

Understand your company and your public

The first step in creating a visual identity is to understand your company and your audience.

To start, you need to be guided by your vision, mission, and values, in order to know what feelings you want to convey visually.

In fact, this is important to seek coherence between the company's positioning and how it presents itself to the public.

Having defined this, it is equally important to understand what the consumer expects in relation to these elements and what he is already used to with your competitors.

For example, if the trend in your market is a simple logo design, going against that may or may not be favorable depending on the set of elements you choose.

Bring people together and share ideas

Visual identity is a series of elements that help support your company's branding. For example:

• logo;
• types of images used;
• text fonts;
• colors.

But to arrive at the ideal set, it is important to seek new ideas. For this, it is necessary to count on different people, united with varied experiences, can brainstorm and explore concepts in order to create new combinations for the company.

visual identity

Implement creativity

A brand will hardly succeed if it is almost an exact copy of another company, especially an established one.

This is because you run the risk of evoking the memory of the competitor's brand in your audience, making them, when they see you, remember it and consume there.

In this sense, it is essential to implement creativity and come up with a new result, even if some elements are similar, such as a main color.

Use color psychology

Speaking of colors, they are some of the main elements for visual identity.

After all, in addition to drawing attention, they have the power to instigate feelings.

As a matter of fact, this is based on the Psychology of Colors, a study that seeks to understand how the brain sees them and, based on this, how the person can be influenced by feelings.

For example, the color blue transmits ideas of credibility, security, and tranquility, being commonly used in companies that seek to transmit seriousness or are in markets where generating confidence is fundamental, such as in the health area.

Yellow, on the other hand, which brings optimism and joy, tends to be the "color of food", which combined with other colors helps to instigate hunger and transmit the idea that eating there will give the person a positive experience.

In this sense, it is of course possible to explore other patterns and ideas.

For example, a food company that wants to bet more on the idea of health and not hunger can choose green instead of yellow for its visual identity.

Determine the elements and be clear

Determine the elements and be clear

Once you have ideas and understand some of the most important elements, you need to determine what you are going to use.

For example, if your company is modern and focused on a young audience, sticking to unusual shapes, practical materials, and fun colors may be interesting to capture the attention of this consumer.

Regardless of what you choose, you must always strive for clarity. That is, with the consumer's attention span decreasing, you have only a few seconds to attract their attention.

Therefore, the elements must quickly transmit your message, in a harmonious and unforgettable way. On the other hand, caution is needed.

Being too creative, but incomprehensible, can hinder the expected result.

Create an identity manual

Create an identity manual

To help all the people who will work with your visual identity in the future, it is important to create a brand manual.

That is, a document that determines how each element can be used, where, and with what variations.

In this way, it is possible to ensure that even using another pattern, it can still convey the company's idea and correspond to the image that the consumer has of it.

In addition, combinations that may remind other companies are avoided.

Learning how to create a visual identity is fundamental for a company's success.

However, care is needed. After all, there are several details to be decided, and it is not enough just to use the colors you like or to be inspired by what is already used in the market.

visual identity

All things considered, it is necessary for the company to be unique. For this, it is important to count on specialized companies, such as Able Digital, which will unite with you to reach a correct, balanced, and unforgettable visual identity.

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