How to promote services ethically in medical marketing

Highlight medical ethics


Investing in marketing is the key to attracting customers, strengthening the brand and gaining a prominent place in the market. This is essential in any industry and it would be no different in healthcare. However, in the case of medicine, the Federal Council imposes some rules on ethics in medical marketing.


Thus, it is necessary to know them so as not to violate any rules and, thus, develop an effective action to boost your career. For that reason, we've listed the main points you should be aware of. If you're in Brazil, check out next what you can do and what is prohibited.


What is allowed in Medical Marketing in Brazil?


Despite the Resolution CFM 1974/11 (Brazil) creating some restrictions, it is possible to carry out medical marketing within the norms and with excellent results for both your career and your clinic. Check out what you can do.


Publicize services in any medium


The medical professional can use any means to publicize their services, including digital media. By the way, currently, social networks are a great marketing tool, as in addition to being able to advertise your work, it is also possible to interact with your target audience, creating a relationship.


medical ethics - blog


Create a blog


Producing informative content is a very effective way to increase your brand's reach, attract customers and gain the trust of patients. For this, creating a blog with articles about diseases, ways to avoid and treat them is the best option.


However, be careful not to put the data as an absolute truth or give the impression of diagnosing any disease through a text.


Make reference to the equipment you have in your clinic


When publicizing your work, you can refer to the equipment that your clinic has and the treatments that it performs. However, it is forbidden to attribute to them the guarantee of success in procedures.



Participate in interviews


Just as you can create informative content, you can also participate in interviews to promote knowledge of your area of ​​expertise. This is a good way to be seen and remembered for reference.


And what about what can't be done?


As already mentioned, the CFM places some limitations so that ethics in medical marketing can be followed. Follow along to find out which are the most important.



"Before and After" photos


So common in aesthetic procedures, photos that show the before and the result after a certain treatment are not allowed. It is important to clarify that even if the patient makes such a publication, the CFM prohibits the professional from posting on the networks.


Selfies with patients


Likewise, the Federal Council is very clear in prohibiting selfies, even with the patient's permission. This is because the agency takes into account the protection of privacy and anonymity inherent to the medical act.


Publish prices


Another rule that must be followed is the prohibition of advertising the prices of appointments and treatments, as well as the granting of discounts as a way to create a competitive advantage. After all, patients should look to medical services for quality rather than price.


Calling yourself the best


You can advertise your services and participate in interviews. However, it is not allowed to place yourself as the best professional in the area or the only doctor to carry out a certain treatment. Likewise, do not refer to your office as the only place where the patient finds a particular service. This is because these statements are seen as a way of deceiving patients.


Finally, marketing is essential for health professionals to boost their careers. But, as you have seen, the premises of medical marketing ethics must be strictly adhered to.


This way, you will be able to make an effective disclosure without violating any norms of the category.


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