Learn all about Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Learn all about Digital Marketing Trends for 2022


There is no doubt that technology has transformed our lives. Have you ever stopped to think that we're connected all the time? In fact, we use the internet for practically everything: talking to friends, clearing up doubts, getting information, shopping, working. And companies had to adapt to this new behavior.


For this, they adopted new formats, tools and channels. In addition, they also started to invest in trends in Digital Marketing. After all, this is the best way to communicate with the consumer. In this way, the company strengthens its brand, conquers space in the market and boost your results.


Want to know more about the subject? In this post, you will understand everything about Digital Marketing : what it is, how it works and what are its main strategies. Also, you'll find out what the biggest trends for 2022 are. Follow us!


What is it?


As we've already mentioned, we are increasingly connected. The internet is so incorporated into our daily lives that it is practically impossible to do anything without it, whether for simpler activities such as looking for an address, or for more complex tasks, such as the development of some management software, for example.


As our lives changed with the advancement of the internet, so did the purchase process and brand relationships. One of the first actions we take when we want to buy a product or hire a service is to search the internet, do you agree?


And this happens on several levels. When we still don't know which solution works best for us, we try to find out more about a problem or need we have. And most of the time, this ends up directing us to purchase a product or contract a service.


When we consider the possibility of purchase, we keep researching. However, this time it's to get more information about the product. Finally, when we're decided to buy it, we start studying prices, payment terms and different companies.


And all of this involves Digital Marketing. After all, it is the set of actions carried out in different digital media with the objective of promoting a company and its products. For this, it uses a series of strategies to attract more consumers, in addition to publicizing the brand and making it known in the market.


How does it work?


Digital Marketing uses several tools in the virtual environment, such as websites, email, social networks and blogs to get closer to your audience. To do this effectively, a number of aspects need to be taken into account, such as language, channel, approach and funnel stage.


That is, for Digital Marketing to be efficient, it must communicate with the right person at the most appropriate time. For this, the first step is to carry out a good  planning so that various tools are put into practice, especially the one that deals with the optimization of websites and advertisements so that the company stands out in the search engines.


Planning needs to take into account the main purpose of Digital Marketing for each company. This is because there are several objectives, such as direct sales through e-commerce or marketplace, providing a channel to respond to customers,  promoting products and services, among others.


To understand how Digital Marketing works, we also need to understand its goals.
They are:


generate traffic Engage Convert Retention


Generate traffic — consists of attracting customers to your page. This can be done through various means, such as search engines (mainly Google), social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), among others; 


Engage — when the consumer has already had contact with your brand, there must be an engagement, that is, he takes some sort of action, such as liking, commenting  or sharing a publication;


Convert — This step occurs when a user performs some campaign objective, such as registering an e-mail to receive a newsletter or to download an ebook. In this way, the company gets qualified leads;


Retention — consists of making that lead become a buyer. For this, you can send e-mails with offers or use other strategies to achieve this goal.


What are the main strategies?


What are the main strategies?


There are a wide variety of strategies that can be used. The interesting thing is that they integrate with each other. In this way, marketing results are enhanced. Check out below what the main strategies are and how each one works.


Content Marketing


This strategy is based on creating quality content that is highly  relevant to your target audience. When this is done frequently, you end up creating an audience. As a result, your company talks to the public, builds and nurtures a relationship, not just send messages.


Let's think about it this way: if we search for anything on Google, there is a very high chance of finding content on some site, right? Following this logic, a website  that answers several questions is more likely to attract the public.


De plus, cela améliore la notoriété de la marque, la faisant considérer comme une autorité en la matière, tout en augmentant sa portée. Ainsi, le marketing de contenu vise à attirer, convert and delight the audience. It can be applied to different channels, such as blogs, websites, social networks, e-commerce, among others.


Inbound Marketing


It means attracting consumers. It's different from traditional marketing that goes after the audience. For that, Inbound is based on the creation and sharing of content  directed to the consumer. Also, it prioritizes building a relationship  with the public and its loyalty.


Therefore, it is essential to understand the profile and behavior of the public, in addition to making an effort to stay close.


Inbound Marketing


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


For companies that invest in Digital Marketing, it is essential that their page appears on the first pages of search engines, especially Google, which is the most used.


This strategy is excellent as it manages to attract results organically, that is, without paying for ads.


For this, when writing content, the quality and relevance of the content is taken into account, as well as the way in which the search engine's algorithms interpret that that content is in fact good for the user. Thus, the page conquers the first places  in the results.


Paid Ads


As with offline advertising, on the internet it is also possible to pay for ads to be displayed on websites, social networks and video or streaming platforms. The most common ways are banners on portals, sponsored links on Google Ads, ads on social networks, among others.


This tool is great for getting quick results. In addition, it also allows to measure the results of the paid campaign, thus creating more and more assertive strategies.


E-mail Marketing


Anyone who thinks that email is not effective for marketing is wrong. The truth is, this is a very effective strategy for building a relationship and engaging your customers.


For this to happen, it is necessary to have a good segmented email list, in which consumers are classified according to interests and position in the sales funnel.


In addition to these strategies, there are several others and they all interconnect, optimizing the results. Furthermore, each one can be extended into more specific ones.


Why invest in these strategies?


There is no doubt that investing in Digital Marketing should be a priority for companies, whatever their size and segment. Want to know why this is? Check out the main benefits!


Online Presence


Nowadays, when they come into contact with a brand or product, consumers immediately search for it on the internet to obtain more information, such as other products, reputation, location, among other points. Also, the public seeks to know more about the brand to feel confident and, only then, make the purchase.


As customers are always on the internet, it is essential that your company is too . Otherwise, it won't be found by the public and will miss out on excellent opportunities.


Online Presence




Attracting the customer is not enough. It's necessary to engage him. In other words, it is necessary to build a  relationship and nurture that relationship. In this way, your company manages to retain you and also make you become a promoter of your brand.


Buyer's journey monitoring


Until some time ago, the buyer's journey was very simple. The customer saw some  product on television, magazine or newspaper. They went to a physical store and made the purchase. Nowadays, it's not so linear. Consumers can search for prices on the internet,  compare prices and other brands by cell phone, go to the physical store to try it out and, finally, conclude the purchase through e-commerce.


It would be difficult to keep up if it weren't for Digital Marketing. It allows you to monitor and predict the steps the consumer takes. That way, it's easier to understand their doubts and help them to resolve them, in addition to improving their shopping experience. 


Brand authority


By being present in various online channels and meeting the needs and expectations of your audience, your company gains authority in the market. This means that both your customers, competitors and even suppliers will see you as a reference. And this generates amazing opportunities for your business, as it attracts more interested parties and awakens confidence in what you sell or produce.


Market competition


In traditional marketing, the difference between small and large companies is stark.


However, Digital Marketing allows for the comparison between them. After all, it doesn't take a big investment to get great results. Just choose the right strategies and target the right audience at the right time.


What are the Digital Marketing trends for 2022?


The internet brings new things every day and, as a consequence, it brings changes in consumption habits. Therefore, Digital Marketing is very dynamic and is constantly being updated. Next, find out what the trends are for the coming year.


SEO gains more strength


Search platforms are always updating their algorithms to improve the user experience. And as this is an excellent strategy to boost results organically, it is essential that all pages linked to the brand are optimized for search engines.


Smart Chatbots


Basically, a chatbot is a robot that talks to users of a particular product or service. Its objective is to provide virtual assistance in a fast, personalized and efficient way. To do this, it answers questions, handles complaints, provides guidance on any doubts, among other actions.


In some cases, chatbots are even more efficient than a human agent because they re programmed to be flawless and serve the customer as quickly as possible.


By the way, they can be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In addition, it is also possible to collect important information through the service record and integrate it with a CRM software.


Smart Chatbots


Use of Videos


The use of audiovisual content has proven to be one of the great trends in Digital Marketing and will continue to grow. A strong indicator is Instagram, which has updated its services and has made video posts in stories, reels, feed and live performance grow. Another strong indicator was the rise of TikTok, which is gaining ground every day.


YouTube is nothing new and keeps getting stronger. This is because the platform algorithms allow us to identify the public's tastes and, thus, recommend subjects that are relevant to them. 


Voice search


There is a huge increase in the number of voice searches and use of virtual assistants. One of the reasons is the practicality. That's because, with just a few words, the user can find all the information he needs.

Today, consumers can already do a lot through virtual assistants, such as researching a product, creating a to-do list, shopping, playing music, checking the weather forecast, setting alarms and controlling other equipment.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is also present in Digital Marketing in the launch of  software, tools and platforms that guide the teams in planning and at all other stages.


The goal is to automate processes that were previously done manually. Thus, professionals are able to save time and focus on other activities, optimizing their tasks.


Omnichannel Strategies


Omnichannel refers to the interconnected and simultaneous use of different communication channels, with the purpose of strengthening online and offline relationships. This greatly improves the customer experience, as it gives the public more freedom to choose how they want to interact or make a purchase with your company.


Now that you know what the Digital Marketing trends are for 2022, you know where to invest to boost your results and make your brand become a reference in the market. But, for this, the ideal is to have a company  specialized in the subject, which will make the best use of the most appropriate strategies  for your case.


So contact us and know how Able Digital can help you to conquer more and more space!