What is copywriting?

Want a fundamental tool for business today?


A strategy to drive online conversions by integrating marketing and sales would be a good answer to this question.


Keep reading this article to understand what copywriting is and how this fantastic technique is revolutionizing the digital market.


In this article you will better understand what copywriting is, the benefits of using this strategy, how it can boost your digital marketing campaigns and what are the points you should observe to assemble your copy.


Like the idea? Find out why companies are increasingly betting on copywriting and how to boost their results with it. Good reading!


What is copywriting?


To understand the meaning of this expression, we need to go back to the second half of the 19th century.


At the time, newspapers hired reporters and journalists to develop the stories, but they also needed someone to write the ads written in the tabloids.


This is how the profession of the copywriter emerged.


The advertising market has gained a lot of visibility and performance since then, reducing or even extinguishing this professional.


However, with the digital transformation and the growth of content marketing, the presence of a professional who wrote ads became important again. Now in a new guise, the copywriter once again appeared.

The difference between ordinary advertising and copywriting is in the objective. Not all advertising is about selling — if you've already developed a strategic marketing planning, you probably know this.


It turns out that with the mapping of the customer journey on the internet, it was possible to understand that in addition to attracting and nurturing leads, it was necessary to have more persuasive scripts that led to sales: this was developed by the copywriter.


What are the advantages of using a copywriting strategy?


Now that you've familiarized yourself with the concept of copywriting, it's time to get to know the main benefits that this strategy offers your business:


• visibility – it is indisputable that a well-written copy is highly replicable, for this reason, you can expand the reach of your brand;


• brand positioning – the texts present usually reinforce the positioning and personality of the brand;


• creating a bond with the public – the emotional character of the copy helps in the relationship between brand and customer, strengthening this bond;


• competitive differential – even if a competitor decides to use the copywriting strategy, each text will be unique, this means that your business stands out, helping to differentiate yourself from the competition;


• greater persuasion – all the elements of the copy increase persuasiveness, making the material extremely eye-catching;


• incentive to an action - important point in all buyer's journey, copy focuses on getting the user to take some action. Whether filling out a form, downloading material or making a purchase, the copy letter will draw attention to this point;


• increased digital marketing ROI – como a estratégia não precisa de investimento em anúncios e tende a impulsionar as conversões, as ações de copywriting contribuem para o aumento do ROI.

How does copywriting boost the company's digital marketing?

How does copywriting boost the company's digital marketing?


Digital marketing has revolutionized the way companies relate to their audience.


However, the sales department does not always follow this model update. As a result, it is possible to get good leads, prepare them for a possible offer, but when presenting the product or service, not having good results.


The copywriting strategy is an excellent possibility to strengthen your product marketing, offering up-to-date sales strategies.


With good copy, you offer quality material to your audience, without being inconvenient and still showing the importance of your mix to people who are really interested in an acquisition.


What are the elements to make a good copy?


Some points should be thought about before developing your copy. See below what is essential in this creation process.


Persuasion techniques


Maybe you've heard of expressions like mental triggers or its techniques like reciprocity, urgency and social proof.


These elements help the copy to be truer, more attractive and make the reader feel safe and realize that it is important to take a certain action immediately.


After all, the risk of postponing the sale is losing the customer.




One way to engage your audience, thrill them and even give your copy a much more convincing voice is the use of storytelling.


This strategy consists of transforming the information into an engaging narrative, which counts on the elements of the story – whether using real characters or not.


With this element, the copy reinforces the veracity of the facts presented.




Another factor that helps copy to be an irrefutable sales letter is the guarantee.


Even though the Brazilian consumer protection code already provides for the return of any purchase within 7 days, without the need for justification, and in many coutries laws are pretty similar, the guarantee is still one of the main ways to eliminate objections related to lack of trust or indecision.


Irresistible offer


Finally, it's time to understand that despite being a sales letter, the copy doesn't talk about the product, but about the advantages that the customer can gain with the acquisition.


An offer is not a price or a description of the product, but a proposal that is more focused on the consumer, showing him how important it is to make the purchase.


How to assemble an irrefutable sales copy?


Some points are important when developing a copy. The first of these is that the document must be objective. Copy is often used as the narration of a sales audio or video, even so, communication must be clear and direct.


For this, you can perform market research to better understand how your business is positioned and how the public perceives your solutions.


Proper tone of voice


If you've ever been to any brazilian beach in the peak of summer, you've probably seen a popsicle vendor announcing the presence of his cart on the scorching beach sand.


The way it offers its product mix is ​​very different from how a health insurance company connects with its prospects.


Align your tone of voice with the persona and let communication flow with ease.


Attractive titles


The first point of copy is attraction. For this reason, it is essential to focus on good titles.


They should be short, clear and attention-grabbing. Use numbers, lists, intriguing facts. Remember that the title must comply with the text. There's no point in getting many interested parties if you're not really going to deliver what you promise.

Relevant information first


Once you've managed to attract your potential customer, it's time to nurture and educate them. Present the information in the form of an inverted pyramid, that is, the most important first.


Killer calls


CTAs, or calls to action, are ways to ensure the reader does what you really expect.


Is it to click the buy button, share the video with friends or leave a comment? Reinforce the importance of the user taking the expected action and check the results obtained with your copy.


After seeing what copywriting is, you may have noticed that this resource is an excellent ally of the digital marketing strategies.


Even after your letter is ready, remember that it is worth reviewing, creating A/B tests by changing some points of the letter such as the title and CTA. Thus, you optimize your results.


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