Text for ads. How to copy for ads?

copy for ads

An ad copy when done well can help the reader in the purchase decision.


Did you know? This is because expressions, triggers and ways of writing tend to create connection with the target audience.


This occurs when he feels an affinity for what has been written, realizes the benefits mentioned or any other reason.


That is, have you ever created a good or bad impression about a company just by the messages exchanged in the service of social networks?


Add to that, writing designed to advertise existing products and services.


Naturally, the way a brand communicates contributes to creating perceptions for the consumer.


Faced with the increasingly high level of it, it is necessary that the perception obtained is the best possible.


That's why ad copy is one of the essential steps in strategies.


So, want to know more about how it can increase your business's chances of success? Stay with us and stay on top of the ad copy!

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What is ad copy?


Copy refers to persuasive writing that motivates the reader to take action. To achieve this goal, the sky is the limit — as long as Conar's rules and common sense are not overstepped.


Thus, a company can develop a copy and disseminate it in offline and online media, add an image, audio, video, etc. The important thing is not to lose the focus of the conversion.


One of her goals is the purchase, which is part of the last stage in shopping journey.


However, to reach this stage, many people usually go through others. This helps advance the funnel by raising the reader's credibility and awareness of the brand.


Thus, ad copy can encourage the download of e-books and other rich material related to the company, which shows how it should solve the problem.


In the final steps, it is necessary to present the brand as a solution. In any case, achieving the conversion is not usually easy.


After all, consumers come in contact with a lot of copy and other content all day long.


This can saturate them and increase the level of distraction for reading or clicking on any other subject.


That's why the copy needs to stand out. soon, others strategies come into play, such as: planning, search, art direction etc.


How to make a good copy for ad?


As seen, all the strategies mentioned are useful to maximize the results of the copy.


That's because writing by itself is not difficult, as you may have thought yourself. The difficulty is to produce persuasive texts that are aligned with the target audience and the brand to the point of standing out.


Remember that information saturation makes this goal more challenging. Anyway, there are some elements that contribute to building an efficient copy. Follow what they are!


Focus on target audience


A text made for a doctor's office cannot follow the same style as one developed for a petshop.


Likewise, each doctor's office and each pet store need to have different writing styles, depending on the brands' target audience.


Writing in a generic way reduces the chances of the reader identifying and having an affinity with the message.


That is, we assume that funny language ad copy works with all audiences.


Anyway, it is necessary to agree that the concept of funny varies according to the reader, correct?


Therefore, it is essential that the research and planning stage knows the target audience and contributes to aligning the texts with it.

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Define marketing objectives


Naturally, your company aims to persuade the reader with ad copy, which increases profitability.


But what are the specific goals of the campaign? They can increase monthly revenue, strengthen brand awareness, publicize an event, etc.


So, before the ad copy starts to be produced, you need to have this information well defined.


Otherwise, there may be a misalignment between the text and the brand objective, which makes the copy less effective.


Consequently, expectations will not be met as expected.


Convey the brand personality


Another essential step in the production of ad copy is to convey the brand personality in the language.


That is, think of a close friend that you consider to have a very strong personality. How would you define the way he communicates?


The answer can be: informal, too formal, too strong an accent, etc. If thinking about this answer is difficult, do it with a series or movie character you like.


So, did you realize how language can be a characteristic of someone?


The same logic is followed by a brand: when it speaks, people need to see its essence in the message.


Otherwise, readers will easily find the communication strange and may disapprove of it. On the other hand, knowing how to convey the personality of the company usually attracts people and helps with conversion.

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Analyze competitors


Ignoring competitors' strategies is often a shot in the foot.


That's because it contributes to the emergence of insights by serving as a reference and opportunity for you to differentiate yourself or follow a similar path.


For example, you've probably heard of the rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.


This subject generates jokes and comments among many consumers.


So, at one point, Coca-Cola copy took advantage of these interactions to play with the audience and respond to Pepsi.


This was conducted in a humorous tone and by combining the text with an image.


All this contributed to making the message clearer and with the potential to reach a larger audience.


In other words, ad copy can be very beneficial when used wisely.


Did you understand more about how ad copy works?


Putting this strategy into practice is not usually easy, especially with the challenges of today's world.


This is the case of greater competition, more distracted and demanding consumers, etc.


Be that as it may, getting the technique right tends to increase a company's chances of converting.


With that in mind, how about counting on our help to prepare an ad copy? contact us with us at Able Digital and find out how this is possible!