4 de October de 2021

LGPD's challenges and opportunities for your company

The General Data Protection Law (LGDP) has been in force since September 18, 2021 and most companies are already adapting their contracts, procedures, privacy clauses and technologies. Have you ever noticed that every time we enter a website, even those we access frequently ask us for permission? […]

September 27, 2021

UX and UI: learn how to achieve design and performance

UX and UI: know how to achieve design and performance UX and UI design plays a fundamental role in the success of a company's Digital Marketing strategy. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion as to what these terms mean or how they should be used to achieve the much-desired performance. How many times […]

September 23, 2021

Do you know Google Ad Grants?

One of the most powerful tools for retaining customers and attracting new opportunities, without a doubt, is digital marketing, capable of reaching from small businesses to large companies. The emergence of Google Ad Grants has made this tool very useful for Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs). Considered a gift from Google to organizations that serve […]

21 de August de 2021

The 10 most famous and cutest dogs on Instagram

It is not new that people create profiles for their dogs on social networks. Since the days of Orkut, profiles for pets have been drawing attention and, with the arrival of Instagram, it is common to find famous dogs, for example. And no less. Who doesn't like to see cute dogs […]

21 de August de 2021

In times of social networking, is it still worth having a blog in 2021?

In times of predominance of social networks, many professionals argue that the future of the internet comes down to Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, among other networks. But it's still worth investing in a blog in 2021 because it can be decisive in sales and investments needed to have a return on paid campaigns. […]

21 de August de 2021

Medical Marketing: How to promote your practice and increase your client base in an ethical manner

Doing medical marketing with quality is quite a challenge, mainly because many physicians and health professionals are concerned about breaking some standard when promoting their practice in order to gain new clients.