Black Friday: how to seize the date and sell more

Black Friday: how to seize the date and sell more


With Black Friday, the second biggest commercial event of the year (second only to Christmas), approaching, entrepreneurs of all segments and sizes are starting to get ready to offer discounts and sell much more.


But what is the best way to avoid losing your way and failing on this very important date for commerce? To answer that question, we've prepared this article so you know everything you need to do to earn more money and stand out from the competition. Check it out!


Origin of Black Friday


Black Friday originates in the United States and is held annually on the last Friday of November, right after Thanksgiving, an important cultural date for Americans and before Christmas.


In Brazil, the practice of Black Friday arrived in 2010 and, currently, this date is very important for different entrepreneurs to attract and retain customers to move their business and increase their profitability.

When is Black Friday in Brazil?


In 2021, Black Friday is set for November 26, following the tradition of Fridays just after Thanksgiving and almost a month before Christmas.


It's a great opportunity to move any business, including, some brands already start doing promotions throughout the week before this date.


According to Ebit|Nielsen, last year's edition handled a total of R$4.02 billion, an increase of 25.1% compared to 2019. In total, 6 million orders were generated (+15, 5%) resulting in an average ticket of R$652 (+ 8.3%). The expectation is that this year will be even better.


Black Friday on the internet

With the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs had to reinvent themselves and create strategies with a total focus on the digital world.


Searching and buying on the internet is here to stay and, therefore, it is essential to create a personal relationship with users through opportunities on digital platforms, delivering the best experience for a now much more demanding audience.


How to take advantage of Black Friday in 2021?


Now that you know the importance of Black Friday for your business, it's time to get organized and plan actions to make the most of this date. Therefore, we list five essential tips for the success of this endeavor:


Know your audience


The first tip is to know your audience, the one your business wants to reach. Although commemorative dates like Black Friday are excellent sales opportunities, it is essential to create strategies to attract new customers. Identifying your audience's needs can lead to products being purchased and thus facilitate sales success.


Set goals


To achieve the expected success on Black Friday, it is necessary to have well-defined goals to avoid frustration. Whether selling stranded products, conquering new customers or increasing profits, it is important that on all the commemorative dates and those that increase sales, you know exactly what you want to conquer.


Important tip: be realistic and take a macro view of your business. Only then will it be possible to establish the goals that can be achieved with your work.


Be prepared for increased demand


If your goal is to sell more during Black Friday, be prepared for increased demand. Rest assured that the stock of products on sale is well stocked and the sales team ready to serve a greater volume of customers.


Create a digital marketing strategy


It's no use having interesting products or services if you don't promote them to the right audience, is it?


Thus, a key point is to develop a digital marketing strategy to increase your company's visibility, exploring the digital channels in which your target audience is present.


The first step is to coordinate dissemination actions on social networks, website, e-commerce, paid advertisements and email marketing. The idea is to communicate about promotions, generate interest and convince the user to buy your product or service on Black Friday and after as well.


Social networks


Social networks are excellent options if what you want is to create creative and differentiated campaigns. Another positive point is the possibility of integration with the virtual store.


Every day, social networks quickly reach a large number of people, from the most varied profiles, so taking advantage of all the tools available on social networks is an excellent way to promote your business.


Start performing your actions a few weeks before Black Friday. Produce relevant content, invest in photos, videos, polls and research. Be sure to open channels to answer questions from customers.


E-mail marketing

Email marketing is a very interesting resource to publicize the promotions that will be launched on Black Friday, taking the consumer to the company's website or e-commerce.


But what if you don't have a contact list in your database? A good alternative is to create a landing page for the specific date and collect contact data right there, from the people interested in your products or services. After that it will be possible to send out discounts and special promotions through email marketing.


Email marketing is also a great strategy to attract those customers who have abandoned the shopping cart.


Review your company's website


If you sell products or services through the site, be sure to review the design, content and usability to ensure that it is also mobile responsive.


Keep in mind that your website traffic can increase that day and if there is any problem, the customer will certainly give up on the purchase.


If you are an entrepreneur and looking to stand out in the market, you need to prepare and organize your business for Black Friday and take the opportunity to expand your company.  


For this to be possible, it is necessary to create and plan an entire digital marketing strategy and Able Digital understands this! Contact us for more information.

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