8 endomarketing strategies to practice in your company


The engagement and dedication of employees are essential for the company to reach new levels of sales and productivity. Therefore, the Human Resources department is increasingly looking for strategies to engage the team and achieve the desired results. 

If your company needs to motivate its employees, read on and learn more about this subject. 



How to apply endomarketing in your organization


Before applying endomarketing strategies in your company, it is necessary to know what the biggest demands and problems faced in the workplace are. 


Generally, the HR, the sector responsible for the employees' well-being, is in charge of gathering this information. After the needs and difficulties have been identified, it’s time to define the strategies that the company will use and then put them into practice. 


It’s important to create satisfaction surveys regularly to find out whether the internal marketing actions are being effective and whether they are increasing or decreasing the level of employee satisfaction. Another positive aspect of these surveys is that they allow you to ask for feedback in order to get ideas to improve the system. 


In the next topic we will talk about the 8 endomarketing strategies that we consider most effective for engaging your employees. 

Check them out. 


8 endomarketing strategies to apply in your company and engage your team 


1. Invista na comunicação interna


One of the main strategies, if not the main one, is internal communication. It is through it that the organization maintains a direct channel with its employees, facilitating the company's daily activities.


It is possible to implement internal communication using tools such as blogs, newsletter, e-mail marketing, and videos, for example, which are ways to communicate with employees that are widely used in digital endomarketing. 


Other interesting platforms that optimize productivity in companies that have adopted remote work practices are Slack and Google Workspace.


It is worth mentioning that direct communication channels are essential for a good dialogue with teams, allowing each employee to have an active voice and make suggestions for improvements to the company. 


2. Hold motivational lectures


Motivational talks are very interesting to develop professional and personal aspects of the collaborators, besides encouraging each of them to share the same goals as the company. 


This action also allows the mission and annual goals of the company to be exposed, pointing the way to achieve them. It is important that the collaborators feel that they are important and that they make a difference to the organization. 



3. Recognize the success of employees


One of the main endomarketing strategies is to recognize and publicize the good results achieved by employees. Highlight those who have excelled and achieved excellent results, but don't forget to also recognize good ideas, creative solutions, and innovative actions. 



4. Offer special benefits to your employees



Health insurance, food vouchers, meal vouchers, and transportation vouchers are traditional benefits, so go beyond and offer varied options such as deals with gyms and universities, discount coupons, tickets to concerts, sporting events, movies or theater, among others. 


Offering special benefits is interesting to improve the employee's well-being; after all, this type of advantage stimulates quality of life and makes each employee feel more committed to the company. 


Still within this strategy, offering bonuses to employees who have obtained a good performance can also be very interesting. This reward can be offered as additional remuneration, trips, and appliances, for example. 



5. Training and qualification of employees

Training is one of the best ways to pass on company values, and this can be done by helping employees to develop professionally through subsidies for education, culture, and mentoring, as well as by offering training within the organization itself. 


The investment in training and qualification shows that the company is betting on its professionals, and this attitude is beneficial for both parties: the company gains a more engaged and qualified team, and the employee will be more prepared for the market when his cycle within the company ends. 


It is worth pointing out that training is important for employees to improve their performance, and it is also essential for the team to know which competencies and values the company is working with. 


6. Promote strategic alignment with the collaborators


Every company that wants to grow in a directed and focused way needs goals to be reached, whether they are defined on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. 


The definition of these goals indicates the path that needs to be taken, in addition to guiding the next steps. The strategic alignment with the collaborators is fundamental to achieve these results. 


It’s also important that collaborators are aware of what must be done so that they can direct their work according to these goals and use the internal communication channels to disclose the numbers that the company wants to achieve, using indicators to measure these advancements.


Be sure to share everything that has been achieved over a given period and how much is left to reach the final goal. Actions like this show a clearer vision of the process and encourage team participation. 



7. Create opportunities for integration


No one can deny that teamwork brings much better results and contributes to the emergence of innovations. But for this work to be efficient, it is necessary to awaken the feeling of "belonging" to the workplace. 


This feeling of inclusion is also important to help improve engagement and reduce turnover. Within this context, it is HR's responsibility to develop actions that promote integration among employees and thus establish relationships that go beyond the professional aspect and develop the team feeling. 


Hold celebrations in the company, organize teams for external activities and set up rest areas that encourage interaction between people. These are the connections that impact and promote a job well done.


8. Create career plans


Career plans define the best path that each employee can follow within the organization. It must show what each position requires to interested employees, and what the company expects from the position.  


This program is advantageous for both the company and the employee. For the company, it is cheaper to promote a professional who already knows the company's culture; for the employee, it’s possible to see clearer regarding growth perspectives, knowing which steps should be followed to move closer to the position. 


Another important aspect related to this strategy is that companies that have career plans have better visibility and increase the interest of new talents in working in the organization. 



Endomarketing strategies create more engaged and motivated teams!


These 8 tips that we presented show that using endomarketing strategies only brings benefits to your company, such as


  • ● More motivated employees;
  • ● Established dialogue channels;
  • ● Recognizing and reinforcing practices that benefit the organization;
  • ● Providing a more pleasant mood in the workplace;
  • ● Increased productivity.




Finally, it is worth saying that having the support of a specialized marketing agency is essential to apply these endomarketing strategies to have a team motivated, engaged, and aligned to the goals of your company.  


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